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Pound and Roll Toy Station

Pound and Roll Toy Station

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A cause and effect masterpiece that lets kids pound the balls and watch them go. Mix and match colours, learn hand-eye coordination.

This toy is assured to bring a big smile! With endless pounding and giggles, your little one can play for hours. Watch them pound the ball down the shoot and watch it swirl down and repeat until they can’t pound it anymore. Mix and match colours. This toy helps hand eye coordination too!

  • Pound the 4 balls through the holes to see where they go! See them roll down the maze or the chute.
  • See the Star spin as the balls are rolling. Bright colors are uplifting and engaging.
  • Kid-sized balls are easy to “whack” down. Ergonomic grip on the hammer, perfect for little hands.
  • Removable base catches the balls. Remove the base to have them roll everywhere. Get baby crawling or walking!
  • Everything fits inside. Put it all away at the end of the day! Brilliant!
  • Learn about concepts like cause-and-effect; improve hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.
  • The pound and roll toy from Battat is an early learning toy Recommended for kids over 1 Year.
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