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Confetti Ergonomic Carrier

Confetti Ergonomic Carrier

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Thanks to its ergonomic design, the NINO carrier is suitable for babies from 3 months of age up to 20 kg. This is confirmed by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute, which confirms that in the NINO carrier babies can develop a natural, ergonomic posture proper for hips (frog leg position, a position in which pelvis is tucked). The NINO ergonomic carrier has a fabric on the back to support the neck and head of younger babies. It can be worn in two ways: front, facing-in carrying position (recommended for the youngest babies) and back, facing-in carrying position (recommended only for babies who can already sit up on their own). NINO provides easy adjustment, so you can fit the carrier to your own height and weight, as well as to your baby's weight and height. The innovative adjustable panel makes NINO fit your growing baby perfectly, providing an ergonomic position for your baby at every stage of development. In addition, it has a special pocket on the front, where a parent can hide e.g. phone or keys. The buckles have special covers, and the shoulder straps and waist belt are wide, which improves wearing comfort. The carrier is made of cotton which makes it breathable. Additionally, it provides your baby with proper air circulation.

  • ERGONOMIC: the NINO baby carrier has a positive opinion from the International Hip Dysplasia Institute (International Institute for Hip Dysplasia), the position of the child is safe and correct for hip development (legs in the shape of the letter M). It is suitable for children from 3 months to 20 kg.
  • ADJUSTABLE: can be adjusted with the drawstring material, which is secured with a strong Velcro fastener. The arms are also adjustable. This allows parents and the child to adapt perfectly to each other.
  • PRACTICAL: Nino has a special pocket for small items on the front. Parents can easily put the keys or mobile phone in there. On the buckles there are the covers, which increase the wearing comfort.
  • EASY TO USE: the Nino is easy to put on. In addition, it folds down to a small size, making storage and transportation even easier - it fits in a bag.
  • TWO POSITIONS: the Nino can be put on in two ways: you can wear the baby on the stomach or on the back and always be facing the parents
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