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Elephant Elmer Comfort Blanket

Elephant Elmer Comfort Blanket

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Baby comfort blanket featuring Elmer the elephant, a popular character from children's literature. 

  • Size: 25cm x 17cm
  • Design: Elmer's face with a long trunk and large ears
  • Colors: Bold patchwork colors (typically red, blue, green, yellow, and orange)
  • Detailing: Knotted corner detailing, which can provide sensory stimulation for the baby.
  • Age Suitability: Suitable from birth, meaning it's safe for newborns and infants

Elmer the Elephant is known for his distinctive multicolored patchwork appearance, which is reflected in the bold patchwork colors of the blanket. The knotted corner detailing is a common feature in baby comfort blankets as it gives babies something to grasp onto and play with, promoting sensory development and providing comfort.

This blanket seems like a delightful and comforting choice for a baby or young child. Elmer's cheerful and recognizable face, along with the soft and tactile qualities of the blanket, make it a great companion for little ones.

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