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Sloth Clock Sleep Trainer

Sloth Clock Sleep Trainer

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The Sloth Clock is a tool for teaching children about time and day and night cycles. It features a digital clock, warm yellow and soft blue nightlight, and an alarm to help wake your child at specific times. The interface comes in 3 modes to give you a customizable unit based on your child's preferences. It is also easily charged with USB power, making it portable.

  • Day And Night: The sloth clock comes with a handy back lit screen that changes colour dependent on the time of day. A warm yellow for during the day and a soft blue for night. This helps teach your child easily the different times of day. Enabling them to understand when they should be asleep and when they should be awake.
  • Nighlight: the soft blue of an evening can also act as a night light, for comfort and reassurance. It is adjustable for you and your child’s convenience but further helps if the child awakes for any reason and reassures them of their surroundings.
  • Audible Alarm: The sloth clock also comes with an alarm that helps tech a child at which time they wake up, if you so choose to do so. Enabling you to easily set a certain time and help train your childs internal body clock.
  • The Sloth clock comes in 3 modes: Sloth face and time, just time and just Sloth face. So you are able to customise the interface of the device to what you and your child find easiest. Perhaps that is the just the face and night light to start with but introducing time further down the line.
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