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Nasal Aspirator - Clears Stuffy Nose

Nasal Aspirator - Clears Stuffy Nose

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The Nasal Aspirator is perfect for parents who wish to clear their babies nose of snot and bogeys, easily. With a soft silicon tip thats goes into the nose. Parents have to just use a filter and suck - clearing your babies nose and making breathing easy again. Furthermore, the filters are reusable just wash or steam sterilise and you are good to go! Everything can be thoroughly cleaned in the top basket of a dishwasher - making it super easy and effective to clean, no worries about hand cleaning. The nasal aspirator also comes with a hygienic storage box - allowing you to easily transport and use whenever you need.

  • The most hygienic way to clean out your babies nose. Comes with 3 filters that can be washed or steam sterilised. Meaning they can be reused and stay hygienic.
  • With a soft BPA free silicone tip, the nasal aspirator will easily and comfortably fit into your babies nose to help easily clean out any blockages or snot.
  • For ease of cleaning, all parts can be washed in the top basket of the dishwasher. Making it easy and convenient to keep the nasal aspirator clean, for your ease of mind.
  • A hygienic storage box makes it easy and convenient to carry around the nasal aspirator, so you always have it at a moments notice, for whenever your baby may need it.
  • The Nasal Aspirator is safe for all ages, giving you comfort you can use for your baby, whenever they may need it.
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