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Pop Up Super Mario Family & Pop Up Pirate Classic Children's Action Board Game

Pop Up Super Mario Family & Pop Up Pirate Classic Children's Action Board Game

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Tomy Pop Up Super Mario Family & Preschool Kids Board Game, 2 - 4 Players

EXCITING MARIO POP UP FUN: This classic kids' action game features a beloved character in a fantastic board game setting. Get ready to join Mario on a new Pop Up adventure!

3 WAYS TO PLAY: This family board game has 3 play modes for extra fun and variety for your family game night, including Classic Play, Coin Collection and Team Play.

EDUCATIONAL TOY: This board game not only features action-packed pop-up fun, but also helps develop decision-making skills and colour recognition, and supports speech development.

IDEAL GIFT FOR ALL AGES: This exciting game is quick to set up, easy to learn and different every time. Perfect for a family game night, or as a birthday, Easter or Christmas present for Mario fans and newcomers alike. Suitable for children aged 4+.

TOMY Pop Up Pirate Classic Children's Action Board Game

WELCOME ABOARD MY HEARRRTIES! Pop-up Pirate is the classic kids action game millions of children have played for generations and continue to enjoy to this day!

GIVE NO QUARTER: Up to 4 players take turns to carefully slide their coloured swords into the barrel... If you send Pirate Pete flying - you're out of the game! Last surviving pirate wins the game

BECOME A SEADOG: This learning toy encourages decision-making in children and supports speech development as the little ones try and beat their friends and family

Pirate Pete will pop up on a different sword hole every time, making this family action game unpredictably fun time and time again!

Pop Up Pirate is a very enjoyable and fun family board game for children aged 4 - 10, as well as grown-ups as no one knows when Pirate Pete will pop up next!

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