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Spin & Splash Octopals

Spin & Splash Octopals

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This colorful floating bath island toy is several bath toys in one! Octopals features a mommy octopus that acts as a pouring cup! Her eight little babies provide even more fun in the tub when children stick them to the sides of the bath or tiles.

Each baby is a water squirter and features a different number that corresponds to a number on the base for number matching fun.

Suitable for ages 12 months and over.

  • FUN and EDUCATIONAL BATH TIME - Octopals is a fun colourful octopus bath toy that includes several bath toys with various different features in one single floating island.
  • SHOWER TIME WITH MUMMY TALA - Turn mummy octopus upside down for water pouring fun and use as a shower cup to rinse the soap off your little one at the end of bath time.
  • SPLASH and SQUIRT WITH BABY OCTOPALS- Tala's 8 little babies each squirt water and have a suction cup to stick to the bath tiles and bath tub - splash, squirt and play all around.
  • EARLY NUMBER SORTER - Each baby octopus comes with a different funny face and number that corresponds to a space in the island - ideal for having loads of fun while learning.
  • WONDERFUL EDUCATIONAL TOY - Baby Octopals come in twos with coloured heads and collars for different colour associations and matching games.
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