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Veggie Dog Plush Toy

Veggie Dog Plush Toy

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  • Vegetable Dog hug toy presents a super soft, cute & adorable build that is comfortable to hug during sleep. Kids, teens & adults love these classic & collectible comfy critters.
  • Crafted from lush, high-grade fabrics, this fully-dressed animal plush toy is stuffed with feather PP cotton for maximum comfort. Its exceptional quality and plush feel will cradle your body in every repose. Its softness is irresistible for cuddles.
  • This Veggie Dog Plush Toy measures 16" (40cm) long and is full of softness. Crafted with a fully covered soft plush, it is designed to be leaned on or sat upon.
  • Children of all ages will love this cartoon plush toy to play with.
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