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Bright Coloured Floating Boats

Bright Coloured Floating Boats

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  • ❤📚 EDUCATIONAL EARLY DEVELOPMENT⛵ - 5 colourful boats designed to help develop motor skills in the bath tub. Made of environmentally SAFE, NON-TOXIC, ECO- Friendly ABS plastic FREE of BPA. Size: each boat measures: 10cm x 5cm x 3.6cm / 4in x 2in x 1.4in
  • ❤💦 NO LANDLUBBERS ALLOWED⛵ - Linking, scooping and pouring help develop fine motor skills, too. Your little captain/conductor is in for a fleet treat. Wide decks for scooping and pouring water.
  • ❤ 🌊 IMAGINATIVE WATER PLAY WITH BOATS⛵ - Whether your little one loves to play with vehicles (trains, boats, or both), loves to stack and build, or just loves to zoom things through water, these bath toys are sure to be a hit. The boats float, scoop and strain water, and are guaranteed to make your little one smile.
  • ❤⛵ FUN STACKABLE BATH BOATS 💦 - These are stackable for neat storage and are exciting for young children to stack and race them in the bath. The boats come in different bright colours and there is a small notch at one end of each boat, so you can connect them. They float on water and are fun to tug to make them move.
  • ❤💧 EASY TO CLEAN DUAL USE BABY BATH BOATS💧 - As well as floating they can just as easy be played with on the floor. Boats Interlock when not being used saves them being found all over the place.
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