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Baby's First Crinkle Book

Baby's First Crinkle Book

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  • from 0-6 months are a period of rapid development of various senses.The bright colors of the baby boy toys 0-6 months will catch baby's attention, the crinkle feature on both cover pages and squeaker sound will appeal baby to overturn and improve baby's audio recognition and motor skills, 3D textured animal tails provide sensory explorations.
  • You can read these animal tail cloth books infant toys 6-12 months with your baby, 11 different dinosaur, each with a different tail . These newborn toys book are also early educational toys for baby 0-12 months, books for babies newborn to one year can stimulate language ability, reading ability, sensory skills, communication skills, and rich imagination to promote baby's early development.
  • The baby book makes a rustling or squeaky sound when overturned or press the BB device inside. Babies love to hear these fun sounds, which is great for auditory and visual stimulation. Each pages includes a variety of bright colors with high contrast, good to encourage baby’s vision development and color recognition skills.
  • Baby will play with these cloth books in different ways as they grow. Each page features a different dinosaur with its name, so your baby can begin to recognize pictures and letters.It's a wonderful early development toy to stimulate important key skills, like language & reading skills, communication skills, imagination and sensory skills.
  • The fabric book is easy to clean and the color wont be faded, wont be torn by washing, you can keep the baby sensory book always clean! The soft baby book will stay together long enough until your baby doesn't need it anymore.
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