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Baby Nest Pod

Baby Nest Pod

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A baby nest is like a mini bed with cushions around the edges that surround the little one, for recreating the feeling of protection they had in their mother's tummy or on her lap. Surrounded by these pillows, babies, especially newborns, feel more relaxed and fall asleep more easily. In addition, the rolls do not allow the child to fall off from anywhere, as they act as a protective barrier.

With this, the baby is secure and comfortable, and the parents can relax and do the things they need to do, such as taking care of the house, doing some work, or just relaxing. See, a baby nest is use for your child and for you!

  • The baby nest can be used in the bed between parents, in a baby cot, a cradle, or in a pram.
  • Use it with a thin blanket or a sheet to keep warm.
  • Place the nest on a flat surface, at a safe distance from edges/ bed edges.
  • Place the baby on its back. Pull the string on the Baby nest to adjust the nest to be narrow and cosy.
  • Pure cotton fabric has better breathability, faster sweat absorption, no sticky hands, and constant temperature.
  • Sheets made of high thread count fabric are softer and smoother. 1.6 Inch soft pad and nest provide ultramate comfort,and soft support for Baby Spine.
  • The lightweight portable baby sleeping nest is essential for newborns which is an ideal gift for baby girls boys.
  • One of the reasons baby nests have become so popular is that doctors and health care professionals today recommend that babies sleep on their backs.
  • The baby nest creates a feeling of safety and familiarity for babies and improves the baby's sleep quality.
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