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Fox Soft Picture Book

Fox Soft Picture Book

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Vibrant colours and a variety of materials make the soft picture book fuchs from the sleeping forest collection a real eye-catcher! on eight sides, your baby can bring the inhabitants of the forest to life. the friendly fox on the title page invites your baby to discover, research and feel. the adorable hedgehog, the charming owl and the cute moon promise animal play. the hidden squeaks, the and the different structures of the surfaces arouse the curiosity and promote first gripping exercises as well as the sense of touch. the small mirror contributes positively to the development of ego-perception. with the greened mounting ring, the soft picture book can be easily and securely attached to the baby carrier and stroller. this allows your baby to discover the world playfully while on the move.

  • With this cuddly book babies can bring the cute inhabitants of the forest to life : Soft motifs and funny effects can be explored, marvelled at and tried out over 8 pages
  • Cuddly playmates : The friendly fox, an adorable hedgehog and the enchanting owl, together with the cute moon, invite discovering, exploring and feeling
  • Squeakers, rustling paper and the small mirror conjure astonishment on the baby's face : Promote the first grasping exercises and the sense of touch while contributing to the positive development of self-perception
  • The fastening ring on the cuddly picture book ensures that it can be easily and securely attached to the baby seat, pram, cot or in the car.
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