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Inflatable Kids Travel Pillow

Inflatable Kids Travel Pillow

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  • Flying With Kids Made Easy – The inflatable kids travel pillow provides additional leg rest, sleeping room and play area for your toddlers and children while flying, allowing you to spend more time relaxing and less time coping. You’ll be happier because they’ll be happier.
  • Expanded Sleeping Room And Play Area – The area where your children’s feet typically hang is no longer wasted. Your toddler or child can stretch out between the pillow and the seat for a more comfortable nap or use the pillow top as a play area to quickly pass the travel time.
  • Portable And Easy To Use – The pillow comes with a handy carrying bag and when deflated will easily fit into a purse, backpack, baby bag or travel bag. The pillows duel-valve system enables quick inflation and deflation, while making it easy to add air “top-offs” to accommodate air pressure changes during flight.
  • Numerous Applications – When not travelling, the inflatable leg rest pillow can be used camping, in the office, reclining at home – anywhere you need a leg rest or foot rest. Just inflate the pillow, prop up your feet, and relax.
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