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Harmony Manual Breast Pump

Harmony Manual Breast Pump

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Compact, lightweight, ideal for traveling

Occasional pumping can make life significantly easier when breastfeeding. The compact Manual Breast Pump Harmony is ideally suited for this: Compact, lightweight, quickly assembled and ready for immediate use. With its special handle, the natural sucking rhythm of the baby can be imitated, the innovative oval breast-shield fits particularly good on the breast with its wide opening angle and a soft edge. For comfortable, effective pumping.

  • Compact & Easy: The Harmony sits comfortably in the hand and is ideal due to its light weight and fast separable parts. Also suitable for on the go.
  • Naturally clever: The suction behavior of the baby can be imitated thanks to the special 2-phase expression handle. For comfortable, effective pumping.
  • Particularly comfortable: The innovative oval PersonalFit Flex breast-shield is fully rotatable and can be positioned individually.
  • For more milk: The breast-shield fits the breast well with its wide opening angle (105°) and its soft edge and minimizes pressure on the milk ducts.
  • Versatile in use: The ideal solution for occasional manual Pumping and for on the go.
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