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Stay Put Baby Bowl Set

Stay Put Baby Bowl Set

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With the non-slip stay put bowls, there is no more mess at the dining table. The trays in a pack of 3 have suction cups that keep the trays securely attached to the surface. Simply press the suction cup firmly onto the table or high chair and remove it easily after eating with the help of the small flaps on the bowl. If only your child could stay in place so easily! Wipe the bottom of the suction unit and also the surface you're gluing it to with an alcohol-based solution, as if small stains of lint or crumb wouldn't stick. Even the suction plates do not stick to porous surfaces for long. It might be worth trying out the plates on another surface and seeing if they stick to it. 1) Strong suction base sticks to most flat surfaces. Works best on plastic/glass. 2) Tip If the plates don't stick, wipe the tray/vacuum with an alcohol-based solution. Set includes 1 x Stay Put bowls with suction base, 3 pieces

  • Improved suction cups on the bottom of the bowl prevent the trays from slipping or tipping over
  • Trays can be easily and quickly removed from the base by adults
  • Set includes 3 stackable bowls in different colors and sizes
  • BPA-free and dishwasher-safe (in the top shelf)
  • From 6 months
  • IMPORTANT - The plate adheres best to a flat surface such as plastic or glass. If the plates don't stick, we recommend wiping the tray and suction plate with an alcohol-based solution to remove any residue that prevents them from sticking.
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