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UV Baby Bottle Steriliser

UV Baby Bottle Steriliser

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Used by the medical industry to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria

The sterilisation of medical equipment, utensils and rooms is conducted by the power of UV. The UV light kills those nasties, leaving the surfaces of the products clean, and safe to use. Eliminates 99.9% of bacteria, the items are ready to use as soon as it has finished working - no cooling is required, the steriliser produces no heat! 


If someone said to you that you could sterilise baby bottles and other items in just three minutes, you'd think they were joking with you right? Wrong! We've been working hard to find a game-changing solution to make sterilising bottles and other baby items much quicker and easier than other methods you may or may not know about already.

Why? Well, we've been around long enough to hear lots of parents talk to us about the reality of sterilising and how, well, it’s just not that fun… and very time consuming! that’s why we've created the new UV Steriliser that’ll allow you to spend less time on the boring sterilising bit and more time doing other important things like getting some sleep (wishful thinking) and spending more happy moments with your baby!

Easy to Use

The steriliser is so simple to use – just pop two bottles into the compact unit, zip it up, press the button on the front to start a 3-minute UV cycle and you're good to go straight away - no need to wait for it to cool off as there's no heat used in the first place! The button will light up and flash when the cycle is in progress, and it'll be a solid light when the cycle completes. There aren’t any hidden complicated steps like measuring water, making up a chemical sterilising solution or cleaning up mess afterwards either (yes that means no descaling!). It really is that straightforward.

What is the UV cycle doing as you’re busying yourself for 3 minutes? Ultraviolet light is electromagnetic radiation that kills microorganisms (the medical industry uses ultraviolet light to sterilize rooms, equipment and medical instruments because its super safe and effective) so with this handy steriliser, during those 3 minutes, the UV light is zapping and killing 99.9% of germs fast. All of that happens whilst consuming less power than a steam sterilising method. Neat or what?

Compact & Lightweight

The box itself is made from an easy-clean, stylish fabric and it’s compact so won’t take up a lot of space (perfect if you don’t like things on your kitchen units either clogging up space – just give it a quick wipe and put it away once you’re done!) It’s also lightweight if you did want to take it away with you too. You can use any bottles in this game changing sterilising solution! You can get so much use out of the product and sterilise other items safely without steam and chemicals too – from toys and breast pump parts to teethers and even your mobile phone! Win-win!

Sterilising has never looked so good!

Box Contents:

1 x UV Steriliser 1 x Power Plug 1 x Metal Tray
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