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RapidCool Portable Baby Bottle Maker

RapidCool Portable Baby Bottle Maker

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The Nuby RapidCool Portable Baby Bottle Making Kit is designed to prepare a perfect formula feed in just 2 minutes. The kit includes 2 Rapid Cool containers with 2 digital thermometer lids, 2 powder dispensers, and a flask. This kit is perfect for busy parents who are always on the go and need a quick and easy way to prepare formula for their baby. The Rapid Cool containers are specifically designed to cool down hot water and formula rapidly, ensuring the perfect temperature for your baby's feed. The digital thermometer lids are a great addition, as they allow you to monitor the temperature of the feed to ensure it is just right. The powder dispensers and flask are also convenient features, allowing you to pre-measure and store formula for easy use. 

  • RapidCool cools your baby’s formula milk from boiling to the perfect temperature in just 2 minutes, so you’re ready to feed when your baby needs.
  • You can be sure the RapidCool is safe for you and your little one. It meets the NHS Guidelines on how to prepare baby milk safely.
  • No complex set up, easy to clean, compact, and doesn’t require expensive replacement filters. Makes feeding time a breeze and includes Formula Dispenser. Our kit contains 2 RapidCool bottles with Digital Lids, as well as a Flask and a Formula Dispenser.
  • Truly portable for preparing baby bottles on-the-go. No Bottle Warmer needed, and the RapidCool easily fits in most nappy change bags and no power supply is needed. Take it anywhere!
  • For a fast, quiet night feed keep the RapidCool to hand, along with the filled milk powder dispenser and the insulated flask of freshly boiled water. When your baby wakes in the night, you’re ready to feed in just 2 minutes without a trip to the kitchen. 
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