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Paddington Bear Baby Comforter Blanket

Paddington Bear Baby Comforter Blanket

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  • Sweet Paddington Bear: Paddington Bear is an age-old childhood favourite adored by generations. With his signature red hat, blue raincoat, and irresistible face, your baby will fall in love with this Paddington Bear baby blanket just as you did years ago.
  • A Sense Of Security: A baby comforter is your child’s anchor in developing a sense of safety and security with their environment. Beloved Paddington Bear soothes, comforts, warms, and even satisfies chewing and grasping instincts to help support your child’s development and curiosity in the world.
  • Soft & Skin Safe: Crafted with plush, fleecy material, this teddy blanket baby comforter is gentle on an infant’s sensitive skin. With tender nubs for chewing, charming stitched-on features, and no loose parts to worry about. An ideal baby blanket for soothing distress and bringing out bubbles of joy.
  • A Darling Baby Gift: Everyone gives practical gifts at baby showers. How about thoughtful, sentimental new born baby gifts that touch the heart and memory of every parent? This baby comforter blanket gives that new little boy or girl in your life the gift of warmth, joy, comfort, and love.
  • Love At First Cuddle: It’s one thing to see it, and another to hold it in your hands. We’re sure you’ll fall in love with this Paddington Bear baby teddy for newborn comfort.
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