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That's Not My Bunny Comforter

That's Not My Bunny Comforter

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"That's Not My Bunny Comforter" is a delightful addition to Usborne's renowned series of touchy-feely board books. This soft plush brown bunny comforter features a beloved character from the picture books, making it a perfect companion for little ones.

Designed to engage and entertain babies during playtime, the comforter includes ribbon, 'taggy,' and teether detailing. These various textures and features provide sensory stimulation for infants, encouraging their exploration and sensory development.

This bunny comforter is part of a vibrant nursery collection specifically crafted for babies and preschoolers, offering a range of engaging products designed to foster early learning and development.

Importantly, "That's Not My Bunny Comforter" is suitable for use from birth, making it a safe and comforting choice for even the youngest of children. It provides comfort and companionship, making it an ideal choice for parents looking to enhance their child's early experiences and sensory exploration.

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