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Sterile 1ml Colostrum Collector

Sterile 1ml Colostrum Collector

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Product description

Colostrum, also known as first milk contains a high amount of bioactive compounds to give your new-born the best start in life. It contains high levels of maternal antibodies, immune and growth factors and is rich in nutrients. These sterile, BPA free syringes enable mums to harvest and store colostrum. They are suitable for both labelling and freezing, providing a good solution for mums expressing colostrum at both antenatal and postnatal stages. The stopper provided with each syringe allows safe storage without leaking. Whilst the graduations (up-to 1ml) allow her to see the volume of milk expressed. The plunger is designed to reach the very end of the barrel, allowing the removal of every drop of colostrum to feed your baby with. Manufactured from Polypropylene they are 100% BPA free for peace of mind. This bundle contains 2 syringes, each in it's own sterile packaging. Sterifeed are the UK and EU market leader for milk storage bottles and No 1 supplier to the NHS.

Style: Regular
Item volume: 1 Millilitres
Units: 10 count

  • Enables the harvesting of colostrum into the syringe for storage
  • Clear markings to allow mum to see the volume collected, up-to 1ml
  • Comes with a stopper to prevent leakage whilst in storage
  • Can be labelled and stored in the freezer
  • The plunger drives all the way to the end of the barrel, allowing every drop of colostrum to be fed to your baby
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