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Happy Bathing Time Toys

Happy Bathing Time Toys

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  • 【Enjoy Bath Time】Tragik bath toys takes the shape of a kid's favorite monkey. In addition, children can easily pour water into the container through the scoop, and the eyes and propeller of the monkey bathroom toy will rotate along with it, and there will be a water column and a beautiful small waterfall at the water outlet. It's easy to grab the kids' attention and immerse them in the joy of bathing.
  • 【Quality and Safety】Monkey bathroom toys are made of eco-friendly durable ABS, non-toxic and BPA free, the edges of the product are smooth and well-crafted, which won't hurt kids' skin. It should be noted that after each use, it is best to dry the water in the monkey toy to avoid black and moldy next time you use it.
  • 【Strong Suction Cup】After researching the market, we chose a suction cup with stronger adsorption, so that the monkey bathroom toys can be firmly adsorbed on the bathtub, smooth tiles and smooth glass.
  • 【Learning and Educational Toys】The turning of the eyes and propellers of the monkey bathroom toy and the small waterfall formed by the water outlet can easily stimulate children's curiosity and cultivate their thinking habit. It also improves their hand-eye coordination.
  • 【Perfect Gifts for Kids】We have designed beautiful gift boxes, monkey bathroom toys are perfect as an Easter gift, Halloween gift, birthday gift, Christmas gift for kids. Imagine the happy smiling faces of children when they receive gifts, it must be a very happy thing.
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