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Foldable Baby Play Mat

Foldable Baby Play Mat

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Experience the ultimate in luxury and comfort with our Foldable Baby Play Mat. Our extra large waterproof mat is perfect for tummy time or play, easily coilable and foldable for convenient travel with a sleek, lightweight bag. Crafted with the highest quality foam and materials, your baby will enjoy a safe and luxurious experience like no other.

  • The edges of the mats are sewn and reinforced! Say goodbye to edge tearing and disintegration, which ensures the play-mat more durable and safe for baby to use..
  • The play mat is designed specifically for babies with cute motifs printed on both sides to attract baby's attention and make them want to play in the safe and soft area of the mat, so that mom can get some rest..
  • Hard wood or tile flooring is tough for babies when they first learn to walk or crawl, but the floor mat's 1cm thickness can effectively soften the pain of a fall, so that the baby will not so painful. Avoid the headache that the baby afraid to walk or crawl because of the fear of pain after a fall.
  • Baby crawling mat with waterproof surface makes it easy to clean up the stains left by the baby, just use a wet paper towel or washcloth to wipe away milk stains, supplemental food, fruit crumbs and other stains, If you get dust or crumbs on the grooves, just lift it up and shake the mat - most of the dust and crumbs should fall off, no need to cleaning the whole carpet!
  • The mat could be folded, also comes with a cloth travel bag, can be easily taken with you on trips, three seconds to unfold the mat at anytime & anywhere to give your baby a soft play area. At home it can also turn into exercise, yoga mats, the whole family can enjoy it! The mats using XPE foam, BPA-free, non-toxic and zero smell, the material is absolutely safe for babies to use, mothers can choose to buy with confidence.
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