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Vesta Baby

Over Door Hanging Organiser

Over Door Hanging Organiser

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Got baby accessories that you just don’t have storage or space for?

You have pacifiers, bottles, creams, lotions, soaps, socks, and onesies, and you’re digging through that nappy bag for no fewer than 13 nappies a day.

We believe doors are lazy. They could be picking up so much more slack than they are, simply opening and closing. Reclaim that lost functionality! You’ve sacrificed shelf space for easy passage, but we put ours to work and get more out of every door.

That’s why we created our hanging organizer with full functionality. It maximizes space utility with 4 deep pockets only made better by the clear windows at their fronts.

*Besides it keeps potentially hazardous items up and away from little curious hands and reduces accidents with toddler-instigated spills of baby lotions and shampoos

Door organizer features:

  • 4 large pockets with clear windows
  • 2 utility pockets for small items
  • 1 set of metal hooks to fit 35 mm thick doors
  • 1 set of metal hooks to fit 40 mm thick doors
  • Size: 99x33x10.2 cm (39x13x4 inches)
  • Strong cardboard back wall and 8 hard cardboard side inserts for large pockets

The Vesta Baby Over the Door Hanging Organizer can help you regain clutter control and organization

  • UTILITY POCKETS - We’ve added 2 smaller compartments to easily stash things you need on hand, like baby thermometers, nasal aspirators, tubes of creams, or combs.
  • QUICK-FIND DESIGN - What good is it to have 4 hanging storage pockets if you can’t remember what each one holds? Each container features a clear window at the front for easy content recognition.
  • STRONG METAL HOOKS - We’ve included 2 sets of different size durable metal hooks to fit both 40 mm thick and 35 mm thick doors, which are most common in the UK and EU, for sweat-free setting up, no tool is required.
  • FINE WORKMANSHIP - The top-of-the-line quality construction features wear-resistant metal holes for hooks and an entire back wall of strong cardboard instead of flimsy fabric. This hanging door organizer is tough and reinforced for extra strength and longevity.
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