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Wild Republic

Raven Plush Stuffed Animal

Raven Plush Stuffed Animal

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Did you know, that the Ravens are the most intelligent birds on earth? These amazing animal comes now in plushy form right to your home to cuddle with you! Made out of absolutely harmless materials, the soft toy is suitable for children of all ages and adults! Through this realistic designed stuffed animal the interest of children in the living way of birds can be aroused. Since 1979 Wild Republic is specialized in the production of realistic plush animals and educational toys.

  • Created from high quality materials, this plush toy has a cuddly appearance and satisfying feel. Because of this, this stuffed animal is suitable for children of all ages and adults.
  • A perfect product to introduce children to the world of birds. With this lovingly designed cuddly toy you arouse interest in the way how ravens live.
  • The bird can be superficial washed off with a sponge and a mild soap.
  • Sample all Cuddlekins and found your own animal farm!
  • Wild Republic is the global leader in designing and manufacturing realistic and whimsical plush and toy. The company was founded on the principle of fostering the curiosity of wildlife and the wonders of nature.
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